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Random black/gray/orange/green.... screen when playing games AMD Gigabyte RX 480

Question asked by abaximan on Apr 7, 2018
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I can see this issue happening to ppl all over, but I didn't find any solution so far.

When gaming my computer freeze and I have to hard reset. While ago I couldn't even reset and I had to turn PC off nad turn it on again to restart. I did more or less everything suggested on various forums, but I just can figure out what is wrong with my system. I'm really desperate and pissed about this issue and I'm pretty sure I'll will not buy AMD gpu for long time.

It looks that undervolting GPU helps just a bit, but sooner or later issue return. Sometimes I can play for hours, but then again sometimes freeze happen just after few minutes gameplay. I doesn't matter if I play or game is just idle it on my screen waiting to crash. It happen even game is in game menu.

I logged info HWiNFO64, but I can't really see anything wrong with temperatures of CPU or GPU. Voltage on GPU looks stable too, but I'm not expert so I could be wrong. I also run RealBench v2.56 for errors, but according to software all is good, although I can't figure out why it's showing only 4GB vram. All drivers are updated to latest, have latest bios on GPU and mobo, just clean installed win10.

I also installed different older drivers, tried tu install older Vulcan Api. Everything runs on stock settings. I did tinker a bit, mostly to try to figure out If OC would do difference. I tried like every bench test and stress test I could find, but it looks like thing happens only when I'm running games.

Only thing I didn't try was test gpu on another PC, so I could see If issue consist there to and gpu is faulty. I also didn't try to reinstall windows, because this issue is there from fresh install.


My specs:


CPU Intel 1151 Core i7 8700K 4.2GHz Box 95W - Coffe Lake

Cooler Intel/AMD SCYTHE Mugen 5 Rev.B SCMG-5100


DDR4-16GB 3000MHz CL16 KIT (2x 8GB) G.Skill 16GB Aegis (F4-3000C16D-16GISB)

PSU Gigabyte B700H 700W

Monitor AOC Q3279VWF connected via DP



Before that RX480 was used with overclocked Intel Quad Q9650 with DDR2 8GB and I could run almost anything on high setting on 22" 1080 monitor. I never had issues with gaming, but there was always some weird behaviour around. Desktop image went out, then gpu driver reset, even I was just using word or internet browser. Second weird issue was, that monitor lost connection when it waked from sleep and I had to turn it on and off to run it. I always had connected LED TV too, but recently I have issues with dual screen or extended screen too. When switching I got only black screen.

After three month of agony really hope it's GPU issue, so I can take it back to vendor. Anybody could suggest any software which I could use to do test and post log here?

  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.