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a problem with game ENB About use VEGA

Question asked by yer on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by benman2785

Hello everfriends,i need some shown in the figure,for example 《Fallout 4》:

This original screen,It looks like everything is normal


If use ENB,will be lost Global illumination


Well known,ENB use independent "dll" files replace “windows\steam32” same files,but GLOBAL (or effetc) can't work now,i think maybe is d3d11.dll can't identification


Note check)this not open ENB GOLBAL("useeffetc" is not check)


and if i check "Use Original Objects Processing",has some change,but i'm not sure ENB is working


i am try windows10 or 7 X64,It's all so ,and i use inter HD630(from 7700k),ENB is normal work,no need to adjust,so how about you?and the whether is common case?

Not justFallout 4》,and GTAV,TESV......too, I sure no problem with my operating environment(including the driver)...