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Display Driver has been recovered Amd 2 Gpus tested

Question asked by rivaltr on Apr 5, 2018
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Like others i have had the dreadfull tdr error which made my pc hard freeze and i have to shutdown and restart.

System specs:

Psu: Evga Platinum 1000w

Ram: Kingston Hyperx Predator 2666

Cpu: i7 5820k

Graphics Card: Rx 480

2 Samsung SSD


I have tried pretty much everything i could installed multiple graphics card drivers, changed the graphics card to a hd7950, try a different evga psu, try different motherboard, change to new cpu but no effect. If i delete tdrllevel however the hard freezing turns into a crash which says amd display driver has recovered with the clock and settings reset but i can still use Windows and game if i delete tdrllevel so what is the solution to fix the crashing . Please amd help me out.