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R9 200 (270) memory stuck at full speed (Driver 18.3.4)

Question asked by dms-audio on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by msuomi

On 18.3.4 driver under windows 7 64 bit the memory speed of my GPU never returns back to 150Mhz from 1400Mhz once it hits full speed. Also the core never returns to 300Mhz but drops to what I think is the 2nd state of 450Mhz. This increases the idle temp by 10degC. Most drivers in the 17.xx series had the same problem. I am essentially stuck with very old drivers of early 16.xx or mid to late 15.xx


It also seems to ignore the global overdrive settings if I reduce the maximum clock speed and memory to keep the gpu cooler and quiet under gaming at the sacrifice of some speed. Essentially Global overdrive has been bugged for almost 12 months now on my card.


Report attached using the wizard.