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With GDDR6 Memory Production Scaling Up, New GPUs Won’t Be Far Behind

Question asked by kingfish on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by black_zion

"It’s been almost two years since Nvidia launched its Pascal architecture and the gaming community has been hungry to hear what’s coming next. It has stayed hungry, for the most part, because Nvidia hasn’t had much to say. Rumors from several months ago predicted a launch at GDC or GTC, but we weren’t able to shake anything loose suggesting the rumors had merit. What data we have scrounged up has suggested a launch from Team Green later this year, and new information also indirectly points in that direction.

GamersNexus cornered SK Hynix representatives at GDC last week, and discovered something interesting — plans to ramp up to mass production on GDDR6 within three months. Factor in some additional manufacturing lead time for boards, and we could be looking at new GPUs in the June-August time frame. That would fall neatly in line with our expectations of a launch in later 2018, though we’re leaving some wiggle room — a great deal depends on whether SK Hynix is a major launch partner, what Nvidia’s GPU yields look like, how good VRAM yields are at any given clock rate, and what kind of volume Nvidia wants to bring to market."

With GDDR6 Memory Production Scaling Up, New GPUs Won't Be Far Behind - ExtremeTech