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    black screen after 5 - 10 min of use


      my pc get a black screen after a few minutes of use faster if i open a game the fans go loud and  the screen turn black and after 5 seconds the sound stop but it look like the computer is on sometimes it restart by it self the temperature look normal when i start playing but when i get the black screen i touched the graphic card is burning hot, when i try to turn it on when black screen happened and it turn on but give no video and the cpu fan dont turn on for like 4-5 tries anyone know what can be causing the problem could it be the psu?



      Pc Specs

      Amd phenom ii x4 965 be

      xfx r9 380 dd

      corsair cx750m

      12 gb ram

      windows 10 64 bits

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          i can confirm this, while not the burning gpu part, since its only 60c or so when the screen getting dark, turn off, and the system freeze and crash, i can somewhat confirm its the newest driver, since the problem occur just after i install the newest driver, THANK GOD the system restore works, already used the computer about 2 hours with no problem at all, even tho theres also no amd driver running on the tray


          cpu : intel i5 6600

          gpu : AMD R9 390 sapphire

          ram : 16GB

          OS : windows 10 64bit

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            Sounds like it could be a faulty PSU.


            What temperature is the GPU reaching? I do not recommend touching it, it's perfectly normal for it to be hot.


            Have you tried a Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers ?


            Please try setting the GPU Power Limit to +50% in Wattman and click Apply.

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