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    Crossfire not working correctly couldnt find the solution in forums


      hii guys so  since  about half a year already my crossfire is not working well and i would love some help.

      gpu: 2 times amd r9 295x2 ( so 4 gpus)

      cpu: intel  i7 4970k

      ram: 16 gb

      psu: 1600w evga gold

      screen: samsung UHD screen i think its called u28d5E something like that i apologize for not knowing

      driver: 18.3,4



      so anyway since the last probably 6 months i suspected crossfire to not be working well  but i didnt have much free time to play so i didnt bother checking, now that i tried playing arma 3

      after a long time of not playing i saw that my old settings made the game run at about 20 fps

      at 4k ultra. now before hand it  used to run at 120 fps really without problems.



      so i downloaded msi afterburner and what i found is that my gpu usage while playing is basically:



      all the time the usage switche between the gpus with almost always only 2 gpus active with like 80% 20% 16% really random usage and it switches between all of them all the time. sometimes its even just one gpu at 100% and rarely its 3 or 4 with all having random usage percentages.

      so obviously not working proper.



      i also ran the game without crossfire and found the fps to be basically exactly the same.



      what i tried:

      reinstalling windows

      reinstalling drivers

      disabling ulps


      playing other games that i used to run really well with crossfire ( bf4 titanfall 2 dying light) to see if issue is similiar and it is in other games the same issue is there, similiar gpu usage.


      also just to clarify i am playing on fullscreen.

      also just to clarify i see the crossfire logo on when i play with it enabled.



      both didnt work.



      i also checked and each graphic card works well individually and at 100% when running a game without crossfire. so basically its some weird interference.



      thanks alot for the help and cant wait to get it fixed beacuse i love 4k gaming and just gaming and was really looking forward to be back to playing with my spare time!