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    Frycry5 with 2xHD8970M


      Can you play Frycry5 with 2 HD86700m cards??


      If not why is it can play assassin's Creed Origans which has the same  minimum spec on full??  I get about 30fps


      The game will boot and play foir a some time then the screen will lock up.

      I email Uplay about it and they say I need to upgrade my crads..

      Are they just passing the buck??

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          so what are they hd8970 or 8670? theres a huge diference the 8970 is twice as powerful and u should game on it no problem and maybe u should try to turn of crossfire and play only on 1 card if i can i never used 2 gpu maybe theres a compatibiliti isue

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            M=Mobility drivers=laptop

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              Something's not making sense. No laptop has dual 8670M cards, and I imagine you do not have dual HD 8970M cards as they were limited to expensive, high end desktop replacement laptops as they are rated for 100w each, so I assume you mean HD 8650G + HD 8670M Dual Graphics. The absolute minimum card is a desktop class R9 270, which is nearly 4 times as powerful as the laptop class 8670M. Also, your processor is no doubt slower than a desktop class FX-6300, so yes, you should not be playing Far Cry 5 on that laptop.


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                  As you can see form the screen shoot of the AMD system montior I have a Intel Crose 17 48000MQ cpu running at 2.7 (16gig) and 2 AMD radeon HD8970M cards..

                  Which I got form metabox back in 2014.  I can't link a page to the system as they don't sell it any more, but it was the top of the line in 2014




                  I know this is under the minimum spec r9 270

                  But I can run assassin's creed origin at 1920x100 on ultra and still get 30fps (not the best buit still playable for me) and is has the same minimum spec

                  Now I have got Farcry 5 runing at (1280x8000 on the lowest seting at 60pfs. (still looks great))

                  But if I chage the size of the screen or up the setting it will lock up after about 30mins or so.


                  It not over heating as the fps is steady and I don't get any bells to warm of overheading.


                  So my questrion is why does assassin's creed origin run great and farcry 5 just run, when they have the same minimum spec??


                  A few more things I notice.


                  1) Each time I start farcry 5 I get a msgs box asking me to let it change seting on my system

                       This is the only game that does this each time.


                  2) Why is it AMD Radeon Setting flag dead Dishonored 2 and Prey (both wich run at max screen side and setting) will a warning and not farcry 5?? (see pic)





                  And help as to what going on wound be nice.

                  Playing to update card by end of year so i can play red dead redemption 2

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                      Your CPU barely meets the minimum requirements, and is slower than the recommended requirement. As for updating a card in a laptop, does the manufacturer say it can be done?


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                          Well looks like I may need to update the whole thing, as a new CPu will need to new MB and most as well as a new card, and all that will most likly a new power until


                          But my quewstion is questrion is wnow hy does assassin's creed origin run great and farcry 5 just run, when they have the same minimum spec??

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                      What's the use of mentioning 'uplay says....' , without showing their full reply ?