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    AMD overdirve problem


      Hello I am currently having a problem with amd overdrive and basically any overclocking software

      Describe your system:

      Graphics Card:AMD Radeon(TM) R2 Graphics

      Desktop or Laptop System:HP 255 G6

      Operating System:Windows 10 64bit

      Driver version installed:Driver Packaging Version 16.50.2801.1005-170319a-312549C-HP

      Display Devices:Dont know
      Bios Revision:SMBIOSBIOS Version F.22

      APU:AMD E2-9000e Radeon R2 ,4 COMPUTE CORES

      RAM:4gb DDR4


      The problem that i have is that after i install amd overdrive and try to run it a get a message saying "AMD Overdrive can not detect amd CPU on this computer.I also generaly have problems with any other overclocking software getting weird anomalies each time.


      Thank you for time