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    AMD OverDrive PUBG




      I recently started to play some PUBG again on my aging PC (6 years old) with my HD7950.


      I wanted to overclock my gpu a little (did some test back in the day) but the settings doesn't always "apply".

      I'll explain myself, it doesn't matter if I run the overdrive from the PUBG profile or the global settings, the driver show that it's supposed to go to 1000MHz and 1400MHz (instead of 900MHz and 1250MHz) but the gpu clock stays at 900MHz.

      I know that the profile applies as the GPU clock gets to 1000MHz on windows desktop.

      My temps are fine : 75°C max when the fan start to pick speed (ends at 65°C 38% fan, so when the fans are at ~20%).

      The fan runs on auto. The clock speeds are stable on other game (GTA V, CS:GO).

      The power limit is set at +20% (the maximum).


      I don't get why the driver knows that it's supposed to overclock but doesn't apply the settings.

      By the way, the overclock didn't apply on deceit too, but I need to further investigate that to know if it's the profile not working or the same issue as on PUBG.


      I also deactivated the ULPS (or whatever it's called)


      Configuration :

      CPU : i5-3570 @ 4Ghz

      MB : Asus P8Z77-V LX

      RAM : 8Go Corsair Vengeance Pro @2400Mhz

      SSD : 256Go Samsung 840 Pro

      Graphics : Asus HD7950-DC2T-3GB5

      Radeon software version : 18.3.4


      Tell me if you need anymore information.


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          Post a screen shot of your Wattman settings. A picture may be worth a thousand words here for sure. Also what version of Windows & do you have any 3rd party utilities like afterburner installe?

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              Thanks for your response.


              Unfortunately, I have a HD7950 so it doesn't support Wattman (not the fully at least, I think). I only get overdrive in my driver.

              Anyway, here are my global settings and the PUBG profile (not while running, just the settings) :


              I also tried to have the global settings overclocked (1000MHz gpu/1400MHz memory) and it didn't change anything.

              I have the 1709 (Fall Creators Update) version of Windows 10 x64 or more precisely 16299.309

              I tried installing afterburner but it didn't change anything, my overclocked settings would come and go (mostly go) while on PUBG and would just run the standard clock speed. The problem was already there before I installed and then removed it.

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              I wasn't advocating you use afterburner, actually the opposite. It can conflict when you are trying to set things from the drivers. Sorry I forget it's not Wattman on the older cards.

              What are you looking at to decide the clocks are not what they are supposed to be in game? What utility is telling you the speed is not what you set it at? Also are you saying it is applying correctly in some games but not specifically in 2 games?

              Google this app GPU-Z if you don't have it already. See what it is reporting for speeds.

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                  After looking online, I found out that afterburner wasn't the way to go but I tried it anyway. Directly uninstalled it after testing.

                  I'm looking at the driver's reported speed (both in global settings and the profile) and the fps counter provided by steam as the game menu of pubg uses the game engine. I manage 90 fps without the oc and when it magically applied, I got 100fps. I launched a game and after the loading screen, it got back to 900 MHz/1250MHz.

                  I also use my second screen (tried without it, didn't change a thing) to tell if the overclock is applied as it gets some tearing/jumps when the overclock is working (doesn't bother me while gaming so it doesn't matter).


                  It's applying correctly in other game like CS:GO and GTA V, both by the profile or by the global settings. I need to investigate more about Deceit as I just think the profile wasn't activating itself so I need to test while using the global settings.


                  I used GPU-Z a long time ago, could do some test with it if necessary.

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                      Okay so I am not sure then it is a driver thing or anything with the card. If it is not clocking in one game the same as in another. I would think it either over clocks or not. That has been my experience. So yes I think you have something weird going on, just not sure what? There is a lot of information for someone who may know much better than me to see here now. I am sure someone will have some good thoughts on this to offer help.