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AMD OverDrive PUBG

Question asked by titoon on Apr 3, 2018
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I recently started to play some PUBG again on my aging PC (6 years old) with my HD7950.


I wanted to overclock my gpu a little (did some test back in the day) but the settings doesn't always "apply".

I'll explain myself, it doesn't matter if I run the overdrive from the PUBG profile or the global settings, the driver show that it's supposed to go to 1000MHz and 1400MHz (instead of 900MHz and 1250MHz) but the gpu clock stays at 900MHz.

I know that the profile applies as the GPU clock gets to 1000MHz on windows desktop.

My temps are fine : 75°C max when the fan start to pick speed (ends at 65°C 38% fan, so when the fans are at ~20%).

The fan runs on auto. The clock speeds are stable on other game (GTA V, CS:GO).

The power limit is set at +20% (the maximum).


I don't get why the driver knows that it's supposed to overclock but doesn't apply the settings.

By the way, the overclock didn't apply on deceit too, but I need to further investigate that to know if it's the profile not working or the same issue as on PUBG.


I also deactivated the ULPS (or whatever it's called)


Configuration :

CPU : i5-3570 @ 4Ghz

MB : Asus P8Z77-V LX

RAM : 8Go Corsair Vengeance Pro @2400Mhz

SSD : 256Go Samsung 840 Pro

Graphics : Asus HD7950-DC2T-3GB5

Radeon software version : 18.3.4


Tell me if you need anymore information.