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Ability to run 3 displayport monitors from a 4 port powered hub, 144hz monitors, in eyefinity?

Question asked by screwtech02 on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by screwtech02

Currently have 3 R9-390 8gb PowerColor cards, and have said eyefinity setup with 2 display port cables, and a dual link DVI cable.

Why wont/cant windows see allow all 3 of the monitors to work over DP connections?  It see's my 3rd, but it is greyed out, and wont allow to

expand desktop to it? (only while using DP connectors) (with 2 DP, and 1 DL-DVI, its fine)



Club 3D 4 port powered hub

Latest catalyst drivers

Windows 10 64 bit pro (updated)

1600 watt lepa PS

X99 FTWK/6850K

32gb Dominators