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dell 7775 (rx580 embedded card on 330w power supply)

Question asked by skaustin on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by elstaci

I have a dell 7775 (all-in-one) which came equipped with an rx580 graphics card. While playing diablo 3, the system will randomly just crash (screen just goes to orange and then loses power) . After eliminating every usual suspect (drivers, software issues, conflicts, settings, files, etc) and even having the system sent in for repairs where they claim to have replaced the processor as a fix, the problem persists. After doing some digging I found that the system has a 330w power supply (rx580 specs suggest 500w) and now suspect a lack of adequate power may be the culprit. I am being told by the staff at dell that "the power supply issue is not applicable for the Dell Inspiron 7775. In general, the all in one system doesn't use a discreet video card. The video card is embedded on the motherboard, therefore the power supply issue should not be the case." Is there any way for me to verify this claim, that an embedded version of the video card would not have the same power requirements?