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No Reply from AMD for a week about boot kit request

Question asked by thesupersaiyann on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by ąąąą

Hi all,

I applied for a raven ridge boot kit from AMD on the 8th of March. They replied a few days later asking for the proof of purchase/serial no./communication with the motherboard manufacturer. The next 2 weeks or so were very busy and I didn’t get around to supplying the info but I did send it on the 24th. They then asked me to confirm my address since I live in a rural area with no street names etc. I confirmed that it was my address and I’ve had no reply since. This was a week ago now. They haven’t confirmed that they have sent it out for delivery so should I expect anything or should I start a new boot kit request? My PC is currently a paperweight until I can flash the BIOS. Thanks in advance.