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    AMD HD Radeon 7850 crashing when tweaking and playing games


      Hey Guys,


      This is my first time posting a question on this forum, i will try to explain the situation as good as possible. Bear with me here, because i am a computer newb.


      I recently purchased a HD Radeon 7850 and installed it in my PC. It worked fine untill i started a game (Fornite) at high.

      The screen randomly freezes (black, white, blue, stripes etc.)



      MSI Motherboard MS 7817

      HD Radeon 7850 (6 Pin connector to power supply)
      16 GB RAM

      550 wattage PSU


      I have checked a decent amount of possible problems that can occur, stated below:

      - Running Furmark (99% load, max temp. around 70) for like 10 minutes -> no problems/freezing
      - Making sure all old drivers are uninstalled (ddu uninstaller->safe mode->restart with new card ->install most recent drivers

      - Update Mobo drivers to most recent




      I was wondering if anyone can help me identify the problem, cause i am out of ideas (as i stated, i am a newb to computers)


      Thanks in advance, i will love u forever! <3