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Can not change to FullHD

Question asked by dummy4711 on Apr 3, 2018
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first of all please excuse my bad English.


In Februar 2018 I buy a Desktop-PC:


Windows-Version:                          Windows 10, Professional, 64 Bit
CPU/APU-Typ:                              AMD A12-9800E RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G

Grafik:                                            AMD Radeon R7 Graphics

Driver version:                            23.20.15017.3010 (Date 31.01.2018)
Mainboard:                                     Asrock A320M-HDV
BIOS-Version/-Date:                      American Megatrends Inc. P4.40, 02.01.2018
Power Supply Unit:                    500W
Memory:                                         8192 MB DDR4, 2400MHz
Monitor:                                          AOC - TFT 24W 80 PSA


There is no way to change the Graphic-Resolution to the from the AOC-Monitor recommanded 1920x1080 Resolution Mode.


The 1600x1200 Mode didn't sync so the max I can only use is the 1440x900 resolution.



The Monitor has only a analog VGA connector whitch works 8 years perfect with Windows-XP and 1920x1080 pixel.


On a 4K-TV the PC works over HDMI even in UHD Resolution.


„MonInfo.exe“ shows that the Monitor Data was detected and the stored in the Registry.




So the Hardware can the FullHD, the Monitor can FullHD, why not the Driver?

Do I somethig wrong or why can I not use the 1920x1080 Resolution?


Thanks a lot for helping.