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CPU... Pitting...?

Question asked by fidderz on Apr 2, 2018

Hi, I've been building and fixing computers for a while now. I came across a system with an AMD A4-5300 and some other various parts. I got this system on trade and verified it working before trading with him. (I gave him an upgraded system and he gave me his old system + money). Anyways, I'm taking the computer apart and cleaning the thermal paste off the CPU. Then I noticed there were some specs that were harder then usual to come off... After another pass with some iso... they didn't come off at all. In fact, to my further inspection it actually looks like visible scratches or pits, if you will inside the top part of the cpu. (the nickel plated top piece). I've taken some pictures for anyone to give me some insight on why or how this happened. Also if maybe lapping the CPU with some 1500 grit wetordry and iso to buff the roughness out would be helpful to keep it from further corrosion.