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    Zen+ or "Pro" for Ryzen Desktop APUs?


      Some Ryzen chips are scheduled to be updated with new Zen+ architecture this month (April) -- does this include the Ryzen desktop APUs? If not, will they get Zen+ at all?


      What about the "Pro" line -- will the desktop APUs get a Pro line like their mobile counterparts are scheduled to get in Q2 of this year? Aside from their initial debut, the Ryzen desktop APUs are not mentioned anywhere again in the 2018 roadmap for Ryzen.


      TIA for your replies!

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          Not an expert on this but I believe the current Ryzen APUs although I don't think AMD wants us to call them APUs, are Zen+ architecture. They were just released recently. They just cam out before the higher end  desktop chips without graphics built in. So if your waiting for newer generation APU I don't think it will be anytime soon. What is out is the new stuff. The original are all 1xxx series (which had no APU) and the new line is all 2xxx series I believe. Hope that helps. I'm sure a better explanation will come along.