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World of Tanks 1.0 not supporting crossfire

Question asked by afganhuladancer on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by hardcoregames™

Would crossfire support be a driver issue or a server gamer provider issue?  I'm running the current 1.0 with my 7970m running around 40-60fps on max settings.  If I disable crossfire that fps drops to 20ish.  though I know my second GPU isn't "working" its clearly doing something but not to the demand of the first.  So what can I do to enable crossfire to work in world of tanks again?  it was running wonderfully prior to 1.0 update.  I've already tried the game profiles but I don't think it's completely working.  I cant get the game to launch from the game profiles.  I'm totally new to this as I'm just used to the games I play using dual GPU's.  thanks.