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Can not find the driver for hp omen laptop rx580? Any help is great!

Question asked by damnation on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by damnation

Updating my graphics drivers caused constant crashes and forced resets. I had to factory reset to get it working again. Hp website provided updated amd software but appears to be trying to update to the same drivers causing the problems. or i am assuming they are the same. Are there not going to be any driver updates for this thing. No relive. Global chill option but not any real difference. gaming laptops are always hot but oh well. its not too bad. there is not switchable graphics option as intel hd seems to be disabled. hp does not provide a lot of info on this laptop. brand new out the box and was almost a nightmare. a years worth of experience on laptops gave me enough commen sense to use hp recovery. I was looking for a copy of the driver just incase windows or something messes my current driver up. any help or insight is greatly appreciated. i seen a similar issue and recommended using the factory installed driver but cant find it any where.


Here is the infos




-Graphics Card

AMD RADEON RX 580 8gb gddr5


-Laptop System

Omen by HP an012dx


-Operating System

Windows 10 64bit


-Driver version installed

Radeon Settings Version



Driver Packaging Version


cant find this driver anywhere, hp doesn't even have it seems their download trys to update to version 18 which looked like the same deal.


-Display Devices

device manager calls it generic pnp but radeon calls it DDC Display, EDP but i know its 1920x1080 60hz


-Motherboard + Bios Revision

     ummmm its a laptop and it has the latest bios from hp



core i7 7700hq, quad core, 2.8ghz


-Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

230 watt laptop charger and I'm assuming the desktop driver is not going to allow the 230 watts to cut it



12gb system ram



Describe your issue:

doom caused my first issue. system stats were horrible on opengl so i switched it to vulkan which is supposed to be for amd. this caused my first crash which was on the original driver i think. (i was hitting well over 120fps tho lol)  I installed the rx580 driver because windows installed a generic one after the crash which was indeed awful. the version 18.whatever it was caused constant crashing in every game. i fixed by factory reset and then i set doom to v-sync on vulkan and lowered some settings (due to intel cpu heat) haven't had a crash since.

most games select high settings on default which is okay. quake champions i lowered settings to medium and mostly low to achieve 120 due to the fps dependent input. (this makes a huge difference even if your on a 60hz screen. quake champs is the only game that does this for some reason).

I'm just looking for proper driver and any updates so i can reinstall in the future just incase i crash again. I have all windows updates and hp updates. for some reason i don't have intel graphics but I'm not really worried about it. i bought this thing for the power. I am impressed with it as far performance but there is huge lack of support for it.