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Can an  AMD Vega 56 and AMD Vega 64 card work together on an AMD X370 motherboard? Is a crossfire connector still necessary??

Question asked by os2wiz on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by colesdav

I now have a Vega 56 card flashed to vega 64 for better performance. But the FPS is not enough for 4k gaming. I just bought another Vega 56 that I plan to flash with Vega 64 bios. I hope I do NOT need a crossfire bridge in order for these cards to work together, as one was not provided with the motherboard. Also would like to know if I buy a Vega 64 can it work together with a Vega 56 card ?? If it can I will sell the second Vega 56 card. Iplan on running the two cards together in power saving mode with my 860 watt power supply.