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    rx canis gpu


      i would like to know about rx canis
      is it really true that rx canis will be launched soon?
      or it just a fake on april mop?
      if its true any info when it will enter market?
      "sorry for my bad english"


      source : AMD Radeon RX Canis Teaser - YouTube

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          It was an April Fools Day joke. However Intel does have a chip out that does have an AMD Vega GPU on the same silicon. 


          So if you'd like some real information over fiction you can check that info out here:


          New 8th Gen Intel Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics Offer 3x Boost in Frames per Second in Devices as Thin …

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            This website gives the Specs on the RX Canis. So, I don't think it is a April Fool's joke.: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/911630-amdintel-project-canis/ . Many of the Comments also mentions it is a April Fool's joke because it was leaked on April 1. But it has too much specific details to be a gag. IMO.

            WccftechAMD Radeon RX Canis
            Process10nm ++ (Intel)
            ArchitectureCanis 10
            Stream Processors10240
            Core Clock (Boost)1800 MHz (2441 MHz)
            Memory32GB HBM4
            Bandwidth4 TB/s
            Peak Performance50 TFLOPs
            the size400mm2 (x2)
            GPU TypeMCM
            InterconnectUnknown (TSV based)
            Feature LevelDirect3D 12_2
            Power Connectors3x 8-pin
            Expected MSRP$999
            Launch2H 2018



            This card is going to be pulling 350 watts of power with three "8 pin"  connectors. With 32 Gbytes of HBM4 Memory. Sound more like a Professional GPU card than a regular User Card.


            BTW, 2H-2018 means it will be launched in the Second Half of 2018 as per this definition:

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              Theres some truth to this card from what I have read after this posting. The only tid bits I have read & seen unofficial/ official channels atm, going be a workstation Cad card for the competition against Nvidia Pro segment built for Rendering & highly complex that the Pro sector needs. Expect pricing to be as simular levels as the Nvidia High end Pro cad cards but priced a bit more competitively. Some truth to this but the specs are a bit off know they are in process of making something in the line up but official name has been alot or rumors till its officially out. Suppose to be mixing with the 10/7nm process as Intel are wanting the 7nm process AMD are going towards why Intel are collaborating atm so they can steal the technology apply it & get the jump on Nvidia & copy AMD 7nm tech & make there own trying to crush AMD in the process. Hopefully AMD keep the 7nm process a closely guarded secret away from all competitors be nice for AMD to have the Processing jump for a few years so the big 2 competitors have to play catch up. Hope AMD have some agreements & clauses in place so they have a few years of superior 7nm tech advance on Intel for a few years be a good way to finally get them in the market as an innovator & new go to brand instead of Intels bs dominace for all those years. Be funny & good to see AMD take the market share they been lacking & take back. Makes the playing field alot more even & balanced to for AMD for the first time in many many years to be ahead of the competition & stay ahead for the change. But expect Intel & nvidia to be stealing AMD innovation hope AMD has a few things in place where if they try steal the tech they get stung like they been doing to AMD for all those years. Wanna see team red flurrish. If they can pull of a good Workstation card be a great step for all Tech companies to learn from & get AMD back into the market they havnt been able to gain traction in fo many years.