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AMD diferente / Different AMD

Question asked by netanya on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by hardcoregames™

Sometimes I have problems with my AMD and when I search for solutions in the official pages there are pictures that "helps" you but I realized that the components are different than mine. I mean, in my AMD I don't have all the options that appeared in the explanation and it is really annoyed... If someone can help me to know how I can get all the options, I will be really gratefull.

If you want to see what I mean, I post 2 pictures. One of them is my AMD that just have two options "Games (Juegos) and System (Sistema)" but the AMD that appeared in te official page for help the users have all the options "Gaming, Video, Display, Eyefinity and System"

Please!!! Help me. I need to figure out how to turning off my GPU scaling and I don't have any option in my AMD for it.

I am sorry if my english is really bad, My vocabulary in theses cases are really limited. Thank you so much.



A veces tengo problemas con mi AMD y cuando voy a buscar soluciones en la página y veo las imágenes explicativas me doy cuenta de que es completamente diferente al mio. No tiene todas las opciones que tienen en las imágenes y a menudo me veo frustrada por no poder solucionar el problema. Por favor, si alguien puede decirme como añadir esas opciones a mi AMD o porque es así, lo agradezco.

Para que vean a que me refiero, he subido las dos fotos, una con todas las opciones (Gaming, Video, Display, Eyefinity y System) y mi AMD que solo tiene Juegos y Sistema. Lo mismo sucede cuando busco más opciones de AMD...