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    Been a couple of months since my drivers will simply not install. Decided to post finally, since from 17+ I can't install amd drivers.


      This is what I get. Simply gets stuck, and after that the pc crashes.



      This sums it up nicely, saved the impossible cases due to hardware limitations.



      Intel Core i7 3770

      P8H61-M LX2 R2.0

      8GB ram

      HD 7850

      Corsair CX600


      Try a clean install of the graphics driver > Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers >>> Done multiple times.

      Latest driver version (always the full version..not the 'minimal setup') > Mobile >>> Have done multiple installations of full and minimum, same results.

      Disable any anti-virus during download and installation.                                       >>> Only use windows defender

      Delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder.                                                             >>> Done every instance of a new installation

      Prevent/delay Microsoft automatically installing drivers.                                        >>> Done



      For some reason, it simply will not progress. No updates for biod either. It simply stopped working when I was using 17.x.x, so I kept waiting for a fix on AMD's side. Right now it just seems like a bad joke.


      Please help?