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    HP 8460p i5 recommended eGPU 2018?



      I got a couple of HP 8460p i5 laptops and I'm wondering what you may recommend as a newer eGPU to attach thru expresscard.  I heard of the 6470 only.  Is that the only one that may work?  If so is that powerful enough for the games of 2018 like fortnite?

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          I would advice you to try the mini pci-expresss gpu adapters instead of the express card, the express card have issues maintaining the pci-e speeds and so the bandwidth.
          I advice you to look for an EXP GDC 8.4d with the mini pci-express connector and/or try the really cheap risers used for mining, look for on aliexpress.
          The express card version unfortunately cause the pci-e speeds to drop, depending how the express card bridge to the motherboard is build.
          If the bridge between the port and the motherboards is not well engineered and decently shielded, you could have pci-e bandwidth drop on high demanding hardware as a gpu.

          It is far better to use a mini pci-e adapter that fit on the motherboard replacing the wifi card. The cable management is a bit worst but at least you will get full pci-e speed.


          I advice you to look at the egpu.io site, there are plenty egpu builds, even for your laptop, where you can pick example and then discuss here if you still need to.

          Please be sure you read a couple of setups to build you an idea regarding the different issues with egpu and how to solve them.

          One main thing you should know about egpu, there is only one big issues with the egpu setups and it is the integrated discrete gpu.
          Sometimes it is hard to disable the internal gpu to free some space for the external one.
          If you would not disable the internal gpu, there would be not enough pci-e resources to host both gpu.
          You can disable the internal gpu in the bios if supported, you can to use an external little tool to do that or follow the tips given on the forum about.
          If nothing works you can mod your bios to allow the internal gpu to be disabled, but this is quite complicated and risky.
          Do not forget also that these kind of setups works well with an external monitor attached to the gpu.
          The performances degradation while using the internal laptop display are strong, since the signal need to come back and forth on a ridiculous small pci-e bandwidth.
          Just keep these things in mind somewhere.


          It will be enough to play fortnite if you get a decent gpu to work with, you should avoid anything lower than a R9 280, GTX770, if you want to get decent gameplay experience.
          The more powerful gpu you will get, the more you will remove the side effects of a small bandwidth and having external gpu.
          Obviously i mean, do not fit a 1080Ti on a 1x pci-e bandwidth, but on the other hand, do not get low low tier gpu either.
          To give you an example i run a Lenovo T530i@3610QM@8GB ram with a R9 270, it is enough to play decently MafiaIII at 720/1080p low.
          Fortnite is far less demanding that MafiaIII so it should play well at low settings.


          What really matter for the egpu experience is primary your cpu/laptop capability, if it is powerful enough to deliver decent fps and then you egpu.
          See here for your laptop: 2011 14" HP 8460P + HD6850@4Gbps-EC2 (EXP GDC BEAST 8.3e) + Win10 [rudavatra]^ – Build Guides – External Graphics Card F…