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    Ryzen 5 2400G crashes games


      Got to admit I'm pretty disappointed with the 2400G so far.  Thought it would be a great halfway step whilst GPU prices are too high.


      Things look like their going well but after about 10 minutes of running a game it will stop working (the game that is).  Occasionally the game will BSOD or the screen just goes black.


      Crashing games are GTA V, Far Cry 4, Planet Coaster and Garrys Mod.  I haven't bothered to install anything else yet.


      Motherboard:  ASUS Strix Gaming-F

      RAM:  Corsair Vengeance RGB 8GB 3200 x 2

      HDD:  Hyper X Fury 240GB SSD

      AIO:  NZXT Kraken X52

      Power: Corsair CX550M

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          im having the same problem and using the exact same motherboard and RAM as you, Im going to continue troubleshooting it over the weekend but so far i've done 4 clean installs of windows 1709,installed the chipset drivers,then install the APU drivers without overriding what was installed by the chipset drivers. So far system runs stable and doesn't even completely crash the system when I run games but I can't even play 30 mins of TF2 without the game just crashing (which should never happen on a game that optimized).


          What im going to do next is hike down my ram clock speed from 3200 down to the apu rated 2933mhz. anything higher (like 3200mhz) might be causing system stability issues. I'll check it out and let you know if I can get it stable and what bios settings I used to get there.

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              I left all of the Bios on default settings which made it the most stable

              for me.


              I managed to pick up an HD7970 for a great price which has cured all the



              Will be swapping the APU for a 2700X soon.


              I might keep the 2400G for a future build but the reliability issue is

              letting down a potentially great APU.

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                  I have the same problems with Fortnite, works for 30mins or a few hours , then just freezes. Have tried reinstalling drivers, etc. AMD really needs to fix this with an update for these APUs to be viable alternatives for gamers.

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                      okay I finally got it running stable this week.played several hours of gta 5 and hero's of the storm with no crashes. It was all in the bios settings. Once you get windows 1709 installed and all your motherboard drivers installed then go to bios activate your RAM's xmp profile you should have it downloaded from the brands website. Under AI Tweaker set your base clock to 36 or 37 (the stock is 36) then go to DRAM timing control set ProcODT to 48 ohm. Under the Advanced tab go to CPU configuration and disable SVM Mode.  go to AMD CBS and disable core performance boost, and global c-state control. Now you can properly contorl your CPU voltage, go back to AI Tweaker set VDDCR CPU voltage to offset mode and the sign to " - " with the Offset vtage set to 0.05000 to bring  max voltage down to 1.400v (the recommended voltage for the 2400g APU)  Now save settings and do a reset it should boot stable into windows. Open ryzen master under profile 1 turn off all green dots on the left panel except APU gfx speeds. Leave that one and slide the bar up to about 1000mhz for safe temps on stock cooler. Set APU GFX voltage to 1.2 hit apply and try playing a game ur having trouble with and see if it runs stable.

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                  I am having a very similar issue on my build, also without a dedicated GPU:


                  Ryzen 2400G 3.6 GHZ

                  ASRock AB350 Pro4 motherboard

                  CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 3200 PC4 25600

                  CORSAIR CX550M 550W 80 PLUS BRONZE Haswell Ready ATX12V & EPS12V Semi-Modular Power Supply


                  I usually get a game freeze which then crashes the game issue, which I was attributing to the 2 GB of dedicated video memory getting maxed out and the system dipping into shared RAM. Is this actually a voltage issue? I have made a few tweaks to Bios but primarily left things default. UMA and XMP I changed, but the XMP was the default profiles already on the motherboard. Do you have to download specific XMP profiles from your ram company (in my case the Corsair) for the voltages?