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Inspiron 5576 RX 560 Driver 18.2.1 Freesync not supported - but it is in 17.7

Question asked by natsukirei on Mar 30, 2018
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Hey guys


my Laptop is the A10-9630P Version of the inspiron 5576 with an RX 560


Okay so basically, when i was running the official Dell drivers ( which is basically a repackaged installer for AMD APU Laptop drivers 17.7 ) freesync was supported at a range of 40-60 and ran without even the slightest issue.


I was able to turn off V-Sync and i could tell freesync was active because tearing was gone.


Now that i have installed the latest APU Driver for the A10-9630P from the AMD website, i made sure it was the correct selection, the AMD Control panel reports that freesync is not supported and i have no idea why, when this laptop is a freesync display.


This may not matter to some people, but from my experience playing a game below 60 FPS , this feature is a lifesaver and the difference between lag and a buttery smooth experience.


And before anyone ask's, yes i did a clean install on both driver packages 17.7 and 18.2.1 in which i used the AMD Cleaning utility, and DDU in safemode to make sure their was no registry issue's or left over files, even used CCleaner each time before installing the packages.


heres a screenshot of the 18.2.1 drivers and software panel



Here is the 17.7 Drivers and software panel



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