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    AMD syrah information


      I recently got hold of an AMD syrah board.

      this board looks to me like a 12V PC, which will be perfect for my purpose. However I cannot get ANY information on this board.

      Can someone enlighten me on all this connections, jumpers, expansions? Basicly I'm looking for the manual.

      The board is an AMD Syrah serial 0154

      on the board AMD.com/psc is mentioned, but that site is a dead link...

      I'm really fond of this board's expansions with at least one real RS-232...

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          I have the exact same board. I picked it up a few months ago from a thrift store.

          There seems to be no information on these at all on the internet, I thought I was the only one who had one until I found your post.


          Just from looking at it it's very strange, it has two Xilinx chips which are probably FPGAs with a few custom looking AMD chips.

          It looks very similar to one of those FPGA demo boards like the DE1. Basically you can hook those up to a computer and program your own logic into the chips.

          These seem to have PCI expansion ports similar to the ones you'd see in older laptops though, so I'm not really sure.


          My first thought based on there being no documentation is that these were some kind of prototype units meant for the development of something, I don't really know though.


          Also, what voltage did you use to power yours up? I've been wanting to mess around with mine for a while now, but I've feared blowing it up.

          When you power it on do you get any signal from the VGA port?