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Ryzen 5 2400g throttles to about 20% GPU / 80% CPU of max performance. Needs restart to be fixed.

Question asked by huskarl2006 on Mar 31, 2018
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I have a problem with throttling of the APU. For the last 1-2 days, it started to throttle to 20% of the GPU and about 75% of the CPU max performance after a brief gaming or other heavy loads.


The problem can be fixed by restarting the system, but it comes up after another brief gaming (5 min) or heavy load.


I found a similar problem described in the following Tom's Hardware review - AMD Raven Ridge Thermal/Power Analysis: Ryzen CPUs With Vega


Examples of the performance hit:


1.World of Warships with High settings - normally 50-70 FPS, when bugged -> 10-15 FPS

2. Heaven Benchmark Extreme - normally  10-15 FPS, when bugged -> 2-3 FPS

3. GTA 5 with High settings - normally 40-50 FPS, when bugged -> 10 FPS

4. Geekbench 4 CPU test: normally ~4250/12500 score, when bugged ~3000/10000


My system is the following:


CPU: Ryzen 5 2400g with the stock fan and no overclocking

Motherboard: ASUS TUF B350M-Plus Gaming with latest 3805 BIOS

RAM: 2x4GB Kingston Hyper 3000Mhz

SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB


P.S. - Previously, also had frame drops for 2-3 secs periodically. Now it just unplayable.


SOLUTION: WINDOWS reinstall resolved the throttling.


Occasional frame drops fixed by disabling CPU Turbo boost.