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    AMD Ryzen 3 2200g no 144hz



      Asus prime 350b-plus

      Ryzen 2200g

      Kingstone 2x4 gb.

      Zowie XL2411 monitor witi DVD-D connection.

      Using APU graphics.


      So after installing win 10 and latest amd graphics driver, there are no setting with 144hz support. I was try costom rez and hz in AMD drivers, it was saved and show 144hz on paper but not in real.

      So how to do 144hz ?

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          In Windows Display Settings, you need to go to Advanced Settings, List All Modes, then select 1920x1080 at 144Hz.


          Even if it works, I would expect your APU to have much difficulty trying to drive that resolution/refresh rate combination. Do you intend on gaming at 144Hz with your current setup?

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              Ryzen G series with apu doesn't support over 60hz (

              CS: GO
              Quake live

              This two game should work1920x1080 144hz easily.Already bought GTX1060 , and will never go for AMD products again, it is shame it is not support over 60hz, even low cost graphics card do it.

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                  That has nothing to do with AMD vs Nvidia and has everything to do with the system hardware. I would not expect a limited-bandwidth, RAM dependent, and low shader count APU which also has to handle CPU processing duties to render 1920x1080 @ 144Hz well if at all, whereas a dedicated mid to high-end graphics card with high bandwidth, dedicated memory and high shader count should not have much difficulty if at all.

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                    I was pretty disapointed too but I managed to get 77Hz at 1280x800 (and lower resolutions) which is ok for me. Over 77Hz I won't get a signal from the HDMI and DVI-D port. Most of the Motherboards are equipped with HDMI 1.4b unfortunately.