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Why does not work Crossfire between 2 R7 240 cards on a MSI P35 Neo2-FR work?

Question asked by xfirep35 on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by xfirep35

Hi all,


I have an old config, Q9650+MSI P35 Neo2-FR and received 2x R7 240.

The videocards work in crossfire on a Q57 and a Z77, but not on P35.

GPU-Z sees the cards at PCIEx 1.1 x16 respectively X4. However, on the P35 system the Crossfire option does not appear in the Adrenalin driver. If I move the cards and the same HDD on the newer platforms, the option appears immediately.

Is PCIEx 1.1 too slow for these entry level cards ? I don't think so. I had fun installing one of them sepparately on a x1 to x16 riser and there was almost no frame drop in some games. Therefore the GPU is too slow even for x1.

Could you please help me how to enable it?