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    Sea of Thieves Driver Crash 18.3.4


      Tried every update since game's launch on the AMD Drivers and I still get random crashes during gameplay.

      Sometimes it shows a window saying "Driver Stopped Working, update your driver", sometimes it just freezes and I have to close the game on task manager, sometimes game just stop without error message.


      All other drivers are up to date.
      Current driver is 18.3.4, but I tested 18.3.3 (both with a clean install).
      I don't experience driver crash with any other game/program.
      Also tried lowering the lights and other visual settings (resolution included) but doesn't change anything for me.

      R9 280
      8GB RAM DDR4
      Ryzen 5 1600
      250 GB SSD Kingston

      How can I solve this ?