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Discussion created by burns_jb on Mar 28, 2018
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AMD Vega FE updates not working. OK I'm tired of trying to get AMD's version of what is right verses what the customer expects for updates.  I've been a loyal fan of AMD for over a decade, but I think they are no longer in touch with their customer base.  I purchased a Vega FE and suffered through their garbage updates. 


As of Yesterday I had the 18Q.1 driver as my base and has the Radeon auto installer Game driver 18.3.1 installed. This was all done through the installed Radeon software, right click and update.


Today I noticed that the AMD website had the 18Q.1.1  22Mar18 avail for download, the the Radeon software failed to recognize it as an update.


I decided to updated it as a website download.  I used the AMD uninstaller and DDU.


So why are the AMD website and the installed software updater on different versions?


After cleaning everything and reinstalling 18Q1.1 the system still thinks the 18.3.1 gaming driver is installed, and it is not.  It gives me no option to upgrade or install.


So once again I'm screwed.  I can install the 18Q.1.1 but the auto installer will not recognize that all of the old gaming driver are no longer there, and won't detect any new drivers to install.  It just asks me if I want to switch to the uninstalled 18.3.1 driver which crashes the system, as it is gone.


AMD, what does a loyal customer do to get your product to work?