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Black Login Screen (Windows 10) After Driver Update (R9 390X DD)

Question asked by cpt_salty on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by kingfish

I'm having an issue with my AMD GPU (R9 390X DD 8GB)

I upgraded the drivers a few months back and when Windows 10 was booting it would show everything and then when it came to the login screen it was just a blank screen and my monitor was warning of no signal to monitor. The machine was booted up though and would shut down normally by pressing the power button and waiting.

Of course, with Microsoft impotent revamp of Boot Options/Safe Mode then it became a pain in the backside to actually get a display, it was only pure luck that after the 15th boot I managed to get a displayed Login. I uninstalled the drivers as that was the only thing that had changed and went back to the previous driver build.

I decided after being prompted that there was a new driver available to just give it one more go in the hope that this new version/build would possibly not have the same problem. I was wrong however.


I'd like to use the latest drivers BUT not have to suffer these problems. Microsoft solution to possibly enter a safe mode is just shocking with forcing a faux failed boot etc. It's a HDD killer really.


My setup is as follows:


Intel Xeon  E3-1225v3


Samsung 850 Evo 256GB

XFX R9 390X DD 8GB

Dell 27" - U2713H connected via Mini Display Port.


Hopefully someone has a solution. I can't really have the downtime involved and/or potential HDD damage cause by having to reboot constantly in the hope that I will get a login screen.