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    Ryzen 5 2400g Windows compatibility


      I'm a bit confused about whether there is the possibility of doing a 32-bit Windows installation (any 32 bit version) on a motherboard that supports the Ryzen 5 2400g processor.

      I could not find official documentation detailing what OSs are supported and I've got different answers from several vendors I've addressed.

      Could someone be kind enough to point me out where I can find the official AMD information on this subject?

      I'm assuming the limitation is given by the processor and not by the motherboard chipset, please, tell me if this is not the case.

      Thanks in advance!



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          • Re: Ryzen 5 2400g Windows compatibility

            Hi, thanks for your answer.


            Althought appreciated, I don´t want to bother anyone, asking to do an installation test.


            Seems odd there's no way to know if Windows 10 32 bits it's compatible with a Ryzen 5 2400g installation.


            Maybe it's a motherboard problem, but it puzzles me AMD provides driver only for 64 bit Windows 10:


            Ryzen 5 AMD Compatibility.jpg