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    No CrossFire option in Radeon Settings




      Using latest driver, as well as latest beta 18.3.4 on two R9 290.

      I cannot find the Enable CrossFire option anymore.


      Where is it?


      I use Win10 64bit latest build.

      Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V-Deluxe

      16GB RAM

      Intel i7 3770K

      Two R9 290 <-- Used to work well with CrossFire. No issues with Motherboard. I don't know which AMD driver version has done that because I didn't game for a while. But last time I did game, it was on!


      What the hell is going on here? I see more people complaining about this but no one resolved it. AMD get yourself together!

        • Re: No CrossFire option in Radeon Settings

          I was able to fix it... finally and AMD issue I was able to resolve by myself.

          If anyone here encounter this issue, follow these steps:

          1. Download Display Driver Uninstaller and boot into safemode and remove the AMD drivers

          2. On the safe side - Completely power off your PC. I disconnected the power cables from my 2nd GPU and turned on the PC.

          3. After PC is booted, I shut down and replugged the 2nd GPU power cables.

          4. Turn on PC and download latest driver / beta - not the minimal setup.

          5. Install driver and then you'll the CrossFire option.