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playing a movie using MADVR  using DIRECT3D11 @23,976 blown out reds problem

Question asked by mclingo on Mar 28, 2018

I have been advised this is a drive bug, I wonder is this could be passed on to AMD engineers to have a look at.


I am getting very blown out reds when playing movies in these conditions.




AMD RX card

Windows 10

Latest LAV decoder filters

Latest MADVR rendering filters

MPC-HC, MPC-BE, KODI DS (player irrelevant)


When I play a movie for example using MPC-HC with MADVR used as rendererer I am getting blown out reds on movies. This can be corrected by:


Putting my HTPC in PC MODE

Turning off DIRECT3D11 rendering (required for HDR playback)

Playing movie in 60hz (dropped frames)


The developer MADSHI has advised that this is a bug with the AMD driver but cannot give any further information. I have tried a very old driver and it seems to have the same problem 16.8.1.


If I drop an NVIDIA card in my machine the problem goes away so its definately an issue with AMD cards only.


Not sure how AMD would look into this though as the issue is only with MADVR, all other renderers have no issues, MADSHI insists however it is not a MADVR problem.


Any help at all would be appreciated,