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Question asked by nascar14fan on Mar 27, 2018
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The problem in particular I'm having began when I first downloaded the 18.2.2 update. Ever since then I've had black bars around ever single video that I watch, which cuts out the edges of the screen, and the coloring is boosted to a contrast that makes it look ugly. This ONLY started AFTER I got the update, and it's even happening on videos that I myself have posted years before I owned the computer I'm currently having the issue on. I downloaded that 18.2.2 update last month. Another issue I've had is with Radeon ReLive. I use this software to make YouTube videos, in particular gaming videos. However it used to be that for about every 5 or so seconds there would be a burst of static, audio clumping, just something wrong. It was an extreme annoyance and like the resolution problem, wasn't there until installing this update. I was told to change the output of my headset, which I did. It fixed the AUDIO problems, but not the resolution. Except NOW the issue is back but is even WORSE than before. Instead of being every 5 seconds, it's literally every 0.2 seconds now. Over 5 times as worse. I downloaded the latest driver update yesterday (the one released on the 25th of March, 2018.) And I was told by the tech support line that after installation of the update, all the problems would be fixed. BUT THEY ARE STILL HERE!!!!!!!!! I should also mention that during gameplay, I experience none of these problems. Only during playback. Can somebody figure out what the HECK is going on and help me figure out how to fix this?! It's forcing me to lower quality of all my videos drastically. Below are examples showing the problem on videos already uploaded, and pictures of my Radeon settings. (One of these came from over a year BEFORE installing 18.2.2.)


National Endurance Series February Race: The Montery Grand Prix - YouTube