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    2400g new drivers ???


      Hello AMD I would like to ask you when new drivers appear. I am a user of 2400g with Vega 11 and it is not understandable for me that nothing has yet appeared. Personally, I feel disappointed especially that you are releasing drivers for your external graphics so please let me know.

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          They are currently being worked out with there next lot of APUs coming out dont fret just wait for a bit. They are due soon heaps are asking the same question from what I been told they are working on them as they are working on drivers & bios updates for the 2nd gen Ryzens at the same time.

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            You and me both, i am very very disappointed in the lack of support for the APU line up, i have the 2500U best and ONLY drivers are alpha from 7 months ago. 17.7 drivers are horrifically out of date to the point even Intel are doing a better job! Sure i can hack the drivers so i can get decent performance in games, and so i can even run some of the others, but there are other issues mostly desktop related with video players etc.