Crysis 3 huge FPS drops

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Hi there,


I've got a problem running Crysis 3. In some scenes my fps suddenly drops from constant 60 (V-Sync enabled and locked at 60) to 23 or lower.

I also noticed that the same problem might be occuring in this video, too: [1080p] GTX 1070 Ti vs Vega 56/ Vega 64/ GTX 1070/ GTX 1070 Gaming Benchmarks! - YouTube


My hardware:

Windows 10 Pro (1703, x64) and Windows 10 Pro (1709, x64)

Intel Core i7-6800k (x64)

AMD Vega 64 (Air cooled)



I also have to note that the game ran fine with my old GTX 960 (same game and Windows version). Since than I changed nothing except for the switch to AMD and it's Vega 64.


Tested driver versions:





Here are the different settings I tested the Game with:

Resolution: FHD; 1920x1080 (Fullscreen Mode)

Antialiasing: SMAA-Low (1x) and with MSAA High (8x) and with FXAA but also with Disabled

Texture Resolution: High and with Very High

V-Sync: ON and OFF

Game Effects: Very High and Low

Object: Very High (and Low; see below)

Particles: Very High

Post-Processing: Very High

Shading: Very High

Shadow: Very High and Low

Water: Very High

Anisotropic Filterung: 16x

Motion-Blur Amount: Medium

Lens-Flare: Yes


I have to notice that changing the setting Object from Very High to Low gives me a significant performance boost (up to 15fps at best more; depending on the scene in which the problem occurs), but the fps drop is still noticeable, especially in the one scene I ran nearly all my tests with.

Intel Turbo Boost is enabled in my BIOS and my CPU clock is set to 3.8GHz for all cores.

The problems also occur with the default clock from 3.4GHz of my CPU.


A fresh installation of Windows 10 and all it's drivers and the Game through Origin doesn't solve this problem.

Someone on the ComputerBase forum noticed that the memory clock speed is too low. The problem with this: When I'm getting 60fps it's not too low.


I attached some pictures showing the problem, always one picture showing Crysis 3 without problems and one picture showing it with the problems.

Disabling Hyper-Threading or multiply CPU cores and hyper threading also didn't solve this problems while testing the same scene on an PC from a friend of mine with an GTX 660 (2GB VRAM) and an older i5-3570k @3.40GHz (not overclocked while Intel Turbo Boost is enabled) with a newer Windows 10 version and 8GB DDR3 RAM didn't showed this problem.


For creating these pictures I used for the newest pictures MSI Afterburner (newest version) with the following settings enabled (OSD):

  • GPU temperature
  • GPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Core clock
  • Memory clock
  • CPU temperature and usage and clock speed
  • RAM usage
  • Framerate
  • Frametime


Note: The "hp" within the picture name means no hyperthreading (but all cores enabled). The "4cores" means that I disabled all cores except for 4 cores in my BIOS and I disabled hyper-threading, too. Pictures from 2017 and the FXAA and supersampling pictures have been created with the 17.11.1 driver. The supersampling means that I changed the Anti-Aliasing method within the game's profile in Readon Settings to Supersampling.

For all pictures ecept the supersampling picture, no settings in the Readon Settings Profile have been changed which means that all default AMD optimized settings are turned on.


EDIT: Here is a small video showing the problems I've got:  Crysis 3 FPS drops - YouTube

Note: I've removed some scenes from the captured content to keep the video as short as possible. The video contains two runs, the first one with Hyperthreading disabled and all cores enabled and the second run with Hyperthreading disabled and 4 cores enabled. Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 was enabled the whole time! The video may have stuttering in it at some points, so just take a look at the FPS indicator.


Changing the settings Game Objects and Shadows to Low results in more than 60fps while the problem still persists. It's just no longer noticeable on a 60Hz monitor.


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