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    GL_ARB_gl_spirv bug with dual source blending


      I decided to investigate using GL_ARB_gl_spirv to work around the bug mentioned here GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects extension broken


      I ported the test case attached in the aforementioned thread to use spirv shaders, but found similar issues.


      Using a AMD R9 380;

      When spirv shaders are used with a monolithic build, the output shows as yellow, similar to the output of the original test (when it should be green)

      When SSO is used, the output is white, indicating a separate issue.


      When using an old nvidia mobile GPU, all tests display green (as it should).


      I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, but as with the original issue, I suspect a driver bug.


      Attached is a test case, the console will display 4 options, (1: GLSL, 2: GLSL SSO, 3: Spriv, 4: Spriv SSO) and will wait for you to enter the number of a test you want to run.