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WX3100 in notebook use newest driver, OS become no response occasionally

Question asked by xxyk on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by xxyk

I bought the HP ZBook 14u G5, which graphic card is UHD620 and WX3100。I find that original driver's function is too little, whose version is 17.40.1026.1003. It does not have any function about video(steady video, fluid motion), even do not have mode change function.

So I try to download newest driver for AMD website(18.Q1.1), it seems to work well. However, I found that my cursor become no response occasionally, especially when I right click on the desktop or plug in/out USB devices, the OS(not only cursor!) very likely to become no response.(just like that the screen freeze for about 1 second). But when I change to original driver, this problem disappear. And if I am using some programs which need graphic card, such like video player, this problem does not occur.


What should I do?