EnhancedSync + FreeSync - How to get working perfectly

Discussion created by hauser.ger on Mar 27, 2018
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I stumbled upon EnhancedSync today and want to use it.

Right now I am using a vSync-FreeSync-Combo with my Vega 64 & Asus 100 MHz monitor. The FPS are limited via AMD driver to 100 FPS, since thats my max refresh rate.

This does work pretty well, except for the FreeSync flickering issue that is around.


My question now is, how to bring EnhancedSync into play?
I saw this AMD video here, which "should" explain how to enable it:

But this leaves a couple of questions for me: In the video, they enable EnhancedSync under "Global" AND "Battlefield 1". Is this necessary? And what do I need to do with the ingame vSync setting? Do I need to switch vSync on or off in Battlefield 1?


What to do with FreeSync? Just leave it as it is?


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