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    os2 drivers


      I'm looking for an os2 driver for a X1650AGP-256M.

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          What is OS2?


          Not knowing anything about your computer setup except for the Graphics Card model. I went to AMD Support and inputted the following data to get  the last known AMD Driver for your LEGACY card which is no longer supported by AMD anymore.


          I inputted the following data: Desktop Graphics - Radeon X Series - Radeon 1xxx series - Windows Vista x64 and got this driver from 2010: Legacy .


          If your OS2 is not Windows Vista than go here and input the same data except change the OS from Vista to the one you currently are using : Download Drivers

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            The only AGP drivers available on the AMD site:



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                I have a feeling that the legacy driver for the X1xxx series card is probably AGP compatible since this was from 2010.  Both drivers from HD AGP and X1xxx series doesn't indicate whether it is for AGP or not. But as Hotrith mentioned if OS/2 is IBM he will need to find a driver from them. AMD has no Drivers for that OS only Windows.