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Ryzen 3 2200g iGPU Won't overclock [HELP NEWBIEE]

Question asked by adarsh21 on Mar 26, 2018
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i bought my ryzen 3 2200g a few days ago.

i am running it with ASUS Prime B350M-K motherboard and 8 gb ADATA 2800mhz ram


when i try to overclock the IGPU to 1500Mhz through "Ryzen Master" software. it shows " profile apply successful" yet the gpu runs at 1100mhz No matter what i do.



Attaching a screenshot ( thats taken after 4 hours of GTA V so GPU stressed enough)


is it a fault in the processor? or motherboard? or am i doing something wrong?


Any Help would be Highly appreciated.


This is my first tie using AMD APUs , please help me out here