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AMD FX 8350 - low efficienty

Question asked by yakub on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by hybrid

Hello, everyone reading this. I have been experiencing constant problems with the purchase of the AMD FX 8350. I've already asked on large forums, I've been combining in the BIOS, I've done literally everything. Let's start from the beginning. I fired ETS2, and I started to play. Pruning started, and worst of all, 60FPS fell to 40FPS. You could not play. At first I thought - 100% throttling. So I bought heat sinks for the power supply section of the motherboard. I put on radiators, I start the game. The problem is still the same! I am firing HWMonitor and playing. I played the whole 30 minutes and did not note any drop in core clocking on the CPU, and lags were still there. Temperatures are okay, because they do not exceed 65 * C. What's with this processor? In GTA V I have the same number of FPS as in ETS2. Outside of the city in GTA V I have liquid 60FPS, and when I enter the city, there are already 47 FPS and the game's performance drops. When I play in ETS2 and drive out of town, I do not have any lags, just pruning. Problems start in the city. How is this possible if GTA V is more demanding and I have more FPS than in ETS2 where in theory I should not have any problems? My specifications: Power supply: Antec 500w Processor: AMD FX 8350 Graphics card: Gigabyte Radeon RX 470 G1 GAMING 4gb MOBO: ASRock 980DE3 / U3S3 with heat sinks and a cooled 4 + 1 power section. RAM: 2x4 Dual Channel Ballistix Sport Crucial