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    Fortnite FreeSync and Radeon Chill issue


      One of the most popular games at the moment, both with streamers and players, but still FreeSync and Radeon Chill are not working correctly.

      Have been playing this game for months, too many FreeSync(or a combination with Radeon Chill rather) related issues, and running the game without it burns my eyes

      When fullscreen mode is enabled, even if the fps is within FreeSync range, there is still massive tearing. On borderless it kind of works, but even though Radeon Chill is set at Min: 72 and Max:74 the fps goes over 80 frequently, and when that happens the game spikes and freezes for a moment. I have tried turning both FreeSync and Chill off for this game in Radeon Settings, but when fps is <100 it just isn't smooth at all.


      Please, make FreeSync & Chill work correctly on Fortnite!