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Steam black screen

Question asked by manchego on Mar 26, 2018

Hello everybody.

I'm facing some issues with my steam client after updating my OS, BIOS and graphic card driver.


I updated a day ago my BIOS and Windows 10, after doing that my AMD driver (crimson 16.11.5) stop working properly so i started my journey to find a solution to my problem. I had to enable UEFI compatibility in the BIOS which let me install my driver (adrenalin 18.2.1) and it worked fine with games and other applications, but my steam client shows a black screen and i don't know what to do with it (pics related 1 and 2). I changed some properties in the compatibility tab for steam.exe trying to solve this problem (pic 3), now i can see some things in the steam client (pic 4) but after a while the screen turns black again. Steam window only turned black after i installed the AMD driver, i tried with previous updates but the problem remains the same and when i switched between versions (after multiple reboots) (using amdcleanuputility to unistall each one), the steam client only worked fine when the driver was unistalled. I can use steam apps with their shortcut icons but i can't access to the store and make modifications on my acount using the steam client.


If somebody knows how to fix my problem would be great. Also, i would like to know if i'm the only one with this problem.


Thanks in advance