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    no more updates for HD 6450 video cards


      I bought this computer in 2013 with the amd 6450 because your sales people told me there would always be updates for the card now I find out that there are no more updates and my card is no longer compatible with several of the on line games I play.  So what now?

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          Upgrade your GPU card to one that is supported by AMD.


          When you upgrade and replace you obsolete GPU card:


          1) Make sure your PSU is strong enough to support it.

          2) Make sure your Motherboard has compatible PCIe x16 slots

          3) Update your Motherboard's BIOS and Chipset if outdated

          4) Use DDU in safe mode after uninstalling the old AMD Drivers using Windows Uninstall program.


          If you can't afford to upgrade then you are stuck with the drivers from 2015/2016 unless Microsoft updates the driver through Windows Update or the GPU manufacturer's decides to update the driver themselves.

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              ok, now you want to explain this in english so a dullard like me can understand what it is you just said? 

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                  Replace your HD 6450 with a new AMD Graphics Card. If you decide to keep your HD 6450, the last Supported Graphics Driver for your card from AMD is from the year 2015 and early 2016. No more NEW Graphics Drivers for this card will be available.


                  If you decide to Upgrade your AMD Graphics card to a new Graphics card that is supported by the latest AMD Graphics Driver. Since your computer is from 2013, you need to consider several factors before you buy a new card:


                  1) Power Supply Unit. Make sure the PSU is strong enough to run your new AMD Graphics Card. You can check this website that recommends the proper Power Supply Unit your computer needs depending on what type of AMD Graphics card you buy: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX . Also be certain you have all the Graphics Card Power connection cables to plug into the PSU. Many Manufacturer's of the Graphic cards sometimes don't include the Graphics Power connector cables.


                  2) Make sure your Computer's Motherboard (the Main Circuit board inside the computer case where everything is connected to) has the correct and available PCI 16 x16 or x8  Slots to be able to install your new AMD Graphics Card. Most likely you can install the new AMD Graphics card in the same slot as the old one.


                  3)If you bought the entire computer, go to the Manufacturer's Support site of your computer and make sure your computer has the latest BIOS  and Intel/AMD Chipset Drivers installed. This makes the computer more compatible with the latest AMD Graphics Drivers.


                  4) Make sure your new AMD Graphics Card, where you connect the cable to your Monitor/Television, has that same cable connection as the Monitor/Television set your are going to be using.


                  This is from AMD Driver Page that I linked in Orange below explains what I just wrote above:


                  NOTE: Before upgrading ensure that your system meets the requirements of the graphics adapter, such as:

                  • Motherboard with compatible graphics card slot
                  • Adequate power supply unit to handle the complete system power requirements
                  • Display with compatible connections


                  4) After you replace your old AMD Graphics card with a new one, you need to follow this basic procedure to uninstall the old AMD Graphics Driver and install the Latest AMD Graphics Drivers.:


                  Try this basic method of uninstalling and reinstalling AMD Drivers.


                  First download the correct Full AMD driver set from AMD Support for your Desktop:Legacy (07/29/2015 or 03/01/2016)

                  Make sure your Windows Operating System (10/8.1/8.0/7) is fully updated via Windows Update (including Optionals).


                  Disconnect the Internet from your computer to prevent it from installing a different GPU Driver than the one you are installing.


                  Use Windows Control Panel -Uninstall Feature to uninstall all AMD Drivers and software. Then use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in safe mode to completely eliminate all traces of the old AMD drivers and software related to the GPU.


                  Delete C:\AMD Folder. This prevents New and Old AMD driver files from installing and corrupting the installation process.


                  After rebooting from DDU, Reinstall the new AMD Full set of drivers. If it installed correctly, again delete C:\AMD folder to save Hard Disk space and reconnect to the Internet.

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                      thank you for explaining this step by step to an individual who when it comes to electronics is a moron.

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                        what would you recommend to replace the hd 6450 with?

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                            Don't cut yourself short. Just because you don't know that much about electronics doesn't mean you are a moron. I imagine only a large minority of Users are computer savvy.


                            As for your answer, Depends on your computer system. what do you have. Download a free program called SPECCY from here: Download Speccy | Find your computer specs, free! . Install it and run it and it will till you everything about your computer as much as possible. It will tell the Make & Model of just about every major component in your computer. Very useful little program to have. Here is my SPECCY of my computer:



                            Upload a image of your SPECCY of your computer like I did here. Then I will be able to see what you have and others here in AMD Forum,

                            who then can suggest a new GPU Card for you. But to help try to answer the questions below:


                            1) How much do you want to spend on a new Graphics Card? less than 100, 150, 200 etc.


                            2) What is the main purpose you will be using the new Graphics Card for? Game playing, Video or Audio editing, General browsing and watching HD movies, etc.


                            3) Need to find out what PSU you have installed. You can open the side panel of the computer and probably see the model and name inside the computer.


                            4) Everything else people can google to see the specs of your installed computer components.


                            If you can answer these questions it will help you decide what GPU card you want to purchase. For most Users, Price  and  Features are the main qualifier in choosing a GPU card.


                            Go to AMD.com or go to Amazon or Newegg or Walmart or whatever store you shop at and input "AMD VIDEO CARD"  It should come up with all the different types of AMD Video cards for sale. Take a look at the one you are interested in and post here. Maybe Users from here will give you input on your selection. 

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                                Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bitCPU Intel Core i5 2390T @ 2.70GHz 39 °C Sandy Bridge 32nm TechnologyRAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION 2AC2 (CPU 1) 35 °CGraphics HP S2031 (1600x900@60Hz) 512MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6450 (Unknown) 53 °CStorage 931GB Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 (SATA) 32 °COptical Drives hp DVD RW AD-7251H5Audio Realtek High Definition Audio

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                                    Is this the computer you bought in 2013: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1010 Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support . Also from Cnet.com: HP Pavilion HPe H8-1010 Specs - CNET .It is very similar to the information you Posted.


                                    Here is a review from Computershopper.co 8/11/2011 : HP Pavilion Elite H8-1010 Review - ComputerShopper.com


                                    Your monitor is kinda old. Here the Specs on your HP S2031:HP S2031 Specs - CNET . It has only two connections (DVI-D and VGA). You might want to spend a couple hundred dollars and get a much better and Full HD monitor or use your Television set (if it is 1920x1080) if it is newer than the HP as a monitor. 


                                    First thing, If this is your computer, the installed Power Supply is underpowered for the HD 6450 (minimum of a 400 watt PSU required). According to HP, your computer has a 300 Watt PSU. This is not strong enough (underpowered) for any modern newer AMD Graphics cards. You need to upgrade (replace) your computer's PSU with a high quality PSU of at least 600 to 700+ Wattage (80+ Gold or Platinum). Once you replace your weak PSU, you should be able to install any AMD GPU cards that you decide to buy.


                                    Like I mentioned earlier, shop around and see what AMD GPU card you like. (AMD.com, Amazon.com, Newegg,com, Walmart,com, etc). Once you pick the card that is within your Price range and has the features your like. Post it here so we can see what you chose and let you know what we think.


                                    I can't believe that HP will install such a low powered PSU with a GPU card that requires a more powerful PSU. Another User had the same problem. His computer also came with a 300 watt PSU but the AMD GPU card required at least 350 watts PSU.


                                    First thing you need to do is replace the PSU with a more powerful one. Your PSU can be determined by the Graphic card you decide to buy and by going by this website that I mentioned in a earlier Post: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX


                                    You can have a friend that knows computers to help you purchase a PSU and install it on your computer or take it to a store that sells computers and let them replace it (expensive option).