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DirectGMA to copy buffers between 1 GPU to another

Question asked by yeilam on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by yeilam

I already use DirectGMA to upload from a frame grabber (Matrox) to W8100 GPU.

It is done by:

1. clCreateBuffer with CL_MEM_BUS_ADDRESSABLE_AMD

2. clEnqueueMakeBuffersResidentAMD which outputs

    a.  cl_mem buffer

    b. { cl_ulong surface_bus_address;  cl_ulong marker_bus_address;  } cl_bus_address_amd;

Then the frame grabber is given the surface_bus_address, and output there directly. (somehow...)


Now I want to use the same technique to copy from 1 W8100 GPU to another. I considered the following:

Option 1:

* Create cl buffer and make it resident (1 and 2 above) on BOTH source and target

* clEnqueueCopyBuffer between source and target.

(would that copy use command queue created on the target device or on the source device?)


Option 2:

* Create cl buffer and make it resident (1 and 2 above ONLY ON THE TARGET)

* clEnqueueCopyBuffer from a non resident source cl-buffer to the TARGET.


Option 3:

* Same as option 1 but use memcpy(surface_bus_address_TARGET, surface_bus_address_SRC)

(instead of clEnqueueCopyBuffer)



The copy operation is done on a dedicated thread in a synchronous manner inside it, so I do not care about a "marker" or another way of synchronization.


Your help would be appreciated.