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When I download the amd catalyst control center my notebook starts to restart

Question asked by agosmontini on Mar 25, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by agosmontini

My problem is that I have a notebook with 2 video cards, the integrated and the dedicated one that is an AMD Mobility Raedon HD 5000 Series, what happens is that I want the games I use the AMD board and not the integrated , but that option does not appear in the AMD catalyst control center, so I downloaded the updated driver from the official website, but once installed and rebooted the computer started giving me problems and the notebook started to restart only every 2 minutes along with the blue screen of windows, so I had to enter in safe mode and go back to the previous update of the driver to be able to solve it. I was reading that this is caused by a compatibility problem between the amd driver and windows 10 (which is the operating system that I have).


So my question is, how to make my games use the AMD video card without using the Control catalyst center or how to solve the compatibility problem between the windows 10 and the driver of the amd video card.


From already thank you very much.